Christmas in Berlin


Kitchener’s 12th Annual Christkindl Market
December 4-7 2008, Kitchener City Hall

With Kitchener’s large German population, it seems like the ideal place to hold a traditional Christmas markets. These outdoor markets have taken place for years in front of churches in Germany.

The market consists of food vendors, entertainers and a live nativity scene in front of Kitchener city hall. Indoors is a myriad of vendors, community group booths, treats and of course wonderful Christmas decor. You can’t walk five steps without hearing a couple chatter on in German about a potential purchase. In fact, walking five steps was a difficult endeavor at this extremely crowded event.

You’ll find typically overpriced and outrageously kitschy items. And if you’ve got as much holiday spirit as I have, you’ll probably enjoy browsing the wonderful items, which are far more unique than you’d find at your local mall. But the market is definitely geared towards an older crowd and due to the crowd, you’ll have difficulty getting the attention of any vendors.

KW-Insider Points: 3/5


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