Mei King: Chinese Food?

Cute Zodiac placemats

Cute Zodiac placemats

Mei King
82 Margaret Avenue, Kitchener

Sunday to Thursday, 10am-11pm
Friday/Saturday, 11am-12am

If your idea of a great Chinese meal is a combo at Macnhu Wok, then you’ll love Mei King. I would describe it as a classy sit-down version of the populat mall fast food chain. The food is pretty satisfying, always served hot, and there is always a wide veriety to choose from. But other than the fried rice and the complementary Jasmine tea, it would be a stretch to call the cuisine Chinese — although the decor, friendly servers and cute Chinese Zodiac placemats appear to be Chinese.

As with many Chinese restaurants, the extensive menu can seem a bit overwhelming for a first-time dinner. Luckily, my dinning companion noticed that the “Dinner for Two (A)” might be a good choice, including: wonton soup, two egg rolls, sweet and sour pork (or chicken balls), chicken chop suey and chicke fried rice ($23.00). We were served prompty and by an extremely friendly server.

Wonton Soup

Wonton Soup

The wonton soup is tasted pretty much like beef broth with just a bit too much salt. The crispy noodles they came with were pretty fun to eat.

The egg rolls were probably cooked from frozen, but we apreciated the bottle of plum sauce on the table, which allowed us to drown our egg rolls in sauce, without the hassle of those really annoying little plastic packages, which are probably bad for global warming and whatnot.

Sweet and Sour Pork

Sweet and Sour Pork

The chicken chop suey was a generally mediocre, but at least we felt good about eating all those veggies. We enjoyed the sweet and sour pork, but only because we really like friend meat in sweet and sour sauce. There were not vegetable bits to bring anything remotely interesting to the dish.

The “Dinner for Two (A)” also comes with Fortune Cookies. But our bill came with two fortune cookies, and two really great almond cookies, baked in-house. The cookies were so great, I bought two more before leaving.



KW-Insider Points: 2.5/5

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2 Responses to “Mei King: Chinese Food?”

  1. 1 Gunther Slunt

    Mei King is the quintessential mom and pop Chinese-Canadian restaurant! 2.5/5… phhh…

  2. 2 The Road To Myself - A Memoir by Jeff Emmerson

    My favourite place in Waterloo!!

    – Jeff Emmerson

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