Matter of Taste: Sick of Starbucks?


Matter of Taste
119 King Street West, Kitchener
Monday, 8am-6pm
Tuesday-Friday, 8am-9pm
Saturday, 9am-9pm Sunday 11am-5m

Seattle (one of the cities I’d rather be living in) is known for its abundance of funky and eclectic coffee shops. I really love these interesting spots littered all over the city, where working or reading or chatting just seems more interesting, the coffee is really great, and your lattes/cappuccinos/mochas are always artfully decorated with latte art. Matter of Taste is a coffee shop in Kitchener which reminds me of the hours I’ve spent in Seattle coffee shops.

Baristas at the local Kitchener coffee shop are winners of the Regional Barista Championships 2007. They’re also friendly, knowledgeable, and don’t seem to mind if you sit for a few hours to study, blog or whatever. The decor is bright and the furniture is pretty comfy. They sell beans as well as loose leaf tea, but for the real experience, get a drink, take a seat and enjoy. Even if you don’t bring a book, laptop, or interesting coffee buddy, they have a great collection of magazines for customers.



Cappucino and Latte Art

Cappucino and Latte Art

Good coffee, free internet, and latte art, what more could a girl ask for?

Brownie Cheese Cake and a Mochaccino

Brownie Cheese Cake and a Mochaccino

Latte and Latte Art

Latte and Latte Art

My only complaints: for a coffee shop, the hours that Matter of Taste is open are limited. I think for a post-dinner coffee, a 9pm closing time is a too early. And I’m sure early birds and caffeine addicts think an 8am opening time is a bit too late.

KW-Insider Points: 4.5/5

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One Response to “Matter of Taste: Sick of Starbucks?”

  1. The Uptown Waterloo mall is also a handy source of espresso and beans as they have another Matter of Taste location.

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