Cafe 1842: Breakfast ’till 3pm on weekends!


Cafe 1842

Cafe 1842

Cafe 1842 (@ the Huether Hotel)
59 King Street North, Waterloo
Breakfast Menu:
Monday-Friday, 7:30am-11:30am
Saturday-Sunday, 7:30am-3:00pm

Brunch, one of the sacred rituals of Saturday mornings, requires an appropriate dinning establishment: decor that’s not too fancy, but not too raunchy, the toast can’t be too toasted, but need that crunchy layer allowing the jam to spread evenly, there can’t be too many menu items, but can’t omit your favorite brunch-y items, servers that aren’t too overbearing, but always keep your coffee cup filled.

Baked Goodies.

Baked Goodies.

Actually, I according to the heading of the menu I used at Cafe 1842, I had breakfast there. But when ordering eggs Benedict on a Saturday morning, you have to call it brunch, or else, you’re just a lazy glutton who can’t manage to eat breakfast until noon. Plus they have an interesting selection of muffins and other baked goods, that are yummy with any meal.

Cafe 1842, housed in the historically rich Huether Hotel, has relaxed but fun decor. It appears that many elements of the original building were preserved, but the dinning area, as well as the counter area are very functional and comfortable.



For some reason I found the ceiling particularly intriguing, with its exposed vents and vintage tiles. The toast was nice and toasty, and the selection of spreads was better than most places. The breakfast menu is varied, containing all the classic brunch items, but not overwhelming. Ordering is done at the counter, and food is brought to your table promptly and hot off the pan. Also, coffee refills aren’t free, so I didn’t mind that they didn’t fill half empty cups.

The selection of “Bennaddictions” ($8.50), basically eggs benedict with variations on the fillings, can be enjoyed by both meat-lovers and vegetarians. I opted for eggs Florentine, containing mushrooms and wilted spinach leaves. The hollandaise sauce was delicious, although the spinach was more mushy than wilted. The homefries on the side were nice and crispy, and the fresh fruit salad actually contained fresh cut fruit.





The omelet bar allows dinners to  add their choice of fillings ($5.50 and $0.75 for each extra ingredient), and also comes with the same sides as the “Bennaddictions”.

All in all, definitely worth checking out for breakfast. Everything is hot, fresh and yummy (though not overly impressive), the selection is pretty much perfect, now if only it were just busy enough to seems desirable, but not so busy that it’s such a struggle to find a seat.

KW-Insider Points: 4/5

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