Valentines Day in Kitchener-Waterloo


1144462_788561171It’s been brought to my attention that Valentines day falls on a Saturday this year. Gentlemen, this means you have an ENTIRE DAY to impress  your special someone. Here are some suggestions on how to impress your Valentine tomorrow:


A romantic dinner is one of the first things that come to mind when I think of Valentine’s Day.

  • If you know the difference between sauteing, and searing, perhaps your best bet is to wake up bright and early tomorrow, head down to the St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market, or the Kitchener Market, pick only the best of your sweetie’s favourite foods, and prepare a home-cooked dinner for two. (KWInsider Points: 5/5 If you actually know how to cook a good meal, there’s nothing sexier than a man who cooks [and cleans after he cooks]. This option is also light on the wallet, and in a super intimate setting, your own home.)
  • If you can’t peel an apple without cutting off a finger, a visit to one of Waterloo Region’s many fine dinning establishment will sure do the trick. King Street Trio, Sole, Verses and 20 King are all lovely places where the food will definitely impress. Don’t forget to call ahead and make a reservation, Waiting for a table is decidedly unromantic. (KWInsider Points:4/5 Romance doesn’t always go too well with a crowded restaurant, but it can always use a good wine pairing)


If you love nature like I do, and love being outdoors even on a fridged winter day, plan a fun outdoor activity with your special someone. Bonus, you get to warm up together at the end of the day, and if your lucky snuggle up by the warm glow of a fire.

  • Skiing is a great way to spend a Frebruary day. Our local Ski Hill Chicopee has lots options. There are great packages for skiers or snowboarder of all levels. (KWInsider Points: 3.5/5 While it’s not exactly Whistler, Chicopee is a great local hill and loads of fun!)
  • If you want to try something a little more low key, not to mention lower altitude, why not visit one Laurel Creek Conservation Area, where you can rent equipment and even take some lessions. (KWInsider Points: 3.5/5 While I’ve never actually tried cross-country skiing before, I hear Waterloo Region is full of some really great trails.)


Fans of classical music have a few options this Valentines Day. While sitting at home, eating chocolate and listening to Puccini in a small dark room is always an option, why not go out, enjoy the city AND support local arts groups.

  • Although our local Centre in the Square will be occupied by another group on the night of Valentines Day, you can surprise your hunny with tickets to Opera Kitchener’s performance of La Traviata (in concert). (No KWInsider Points for this fairly new performance group, but I would give Verdi’s tragically romantic opera 5/5 if anyone cared.)
  • The Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony will be playing a concert tonight, tomorrow night (and Sunday in Guelph) entitled Romancing the Violin. The concert will feature guest Stefan Sanderling, and violinist Soovin Kim and the music of Delius, Mendelssohn and Tchaikovsky (KWInsider Points:4/5 While I haven’t heard this particular concert, the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony had put on an amazing show every time I’ve heard them!)


Putting on your dancing shoes and get ready to take your partner out for a spin! Or just hang by the dance floor and watch other dancers feel the groove.

  • Community Support Connections, a local not-for-profit group that works to improve the quality of life for seniors in the area is hosting “Valentine’s Gala Symphony of Love” featuring music by the Toronto All-Star Big Band. The night includes cocktails, dinner and a silent auction! Tickets are $100 per couple, but include a tac recipt.
  • KW Tango will be hosting a Tango/Latin Dance tomorrow night at 7pm at the The Button Factory in Waterloo. The $10 cover includes a tango and cha-cha class plus coffee and desserts.


Lastly for those who want to make the ultimate romantic gesture, plan a surprise wedding at one of the Wedding Chapels at Kitchener City Hall. Invite up to 110 of your family and friends and enjoy the bugendy pews of the Rose Chapel, or the “smoked glass French doors” at the aptly named Wedding Chapel. (KWInsider Points: 2.5/5 Either way the object of your affections will be blown off his or her feet. I can’t say if this will be in a good way or a bad way.)

Well that’s all I’ve got folks. Wow, this looks like a perfect list for someone who is trying to impress/romance me! Hopefully my special someone reads my blog.

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  1. 1 The Bachelor

    Valentine’s Day’s for suckers!

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