Curry but no Cigar


One door open to India Curry HutIndia Curry Hut
1333 Weber Street East, Kitchener
Sunday, Monday,Wednesday, Thursday 11:00am-10:30pm
Friday, Saturday 11:00am-11:00pm
Closed Tuesday

Every once in a while I must absolutely have a great Indian meal. So this post documents the beginning of my search for good Indian food in Waterloo Region.

My search for great India cuisine begins at the rear of the Howard Johnson hotel in Kitchener. An unlikely place to find an authentic Indian restaurant, I began to feel a bit suspicious as the, decor lacked the slightest hint of a South-Asian influence. The server was attentive, and we promptly decided to try the buffet dinner. At $11.99 it was worth the variety and the forgone emotional turmoil of ordering.

My plate at India Curry HutWe found a good selection of  dishes including appetizers, salads, curries and rice. When we got back to our table, we were greeted with naan fresh from the oven. The samosas were a real treat, full of lots of veggies and spices with a tasty outer shell. The onion salad is also quite a tangy treat, one which I’ve never had before.

Unfortunately the curries, despite being rich with spices, were far too salty, which ruined the flavor. I am fairly certain that I would have really enjoyed my meal if only half the amount of salt was used in every single curry dish.

Another small upset came from the lack of gulab jamun. I really really really like gulab jamin.

Very Good, Extremely Fresh Naan
Unless the chef has a sudden revelation on what the phrase “salt to taste” actually means, I will only revisit this place in case of an Indian meal emergency craving. But obviously not in case of a gulab jamin emergency craving.

KW-Insider Points: 2/5

One Response to “Curry but no Cigar”

  1. 1 Jin

    Do Indian people even smoke cigars? Of course they do. I am sure during the colonial days, they introduce quite a lot of addictives.

    Anyway, how are you doing?

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