Eat Well at Ellison’s


Ellison’s Bistro

14 Charles Street West, Kitchener

Monday, 11:30am-2pm

Tuesday – Friday, 11:30am-2pm and 5pm-10:30pm

Saturday, 5pm-10pm

Chef Elvis Ellison brings Carribean food to the heart of downtown Kitchener. The warm interior and the Chef (who was the server/chef all while managing the restaurant) who brings a welcoming smile, make Ellison’s Bistro a sharp contrast to the cold and dreary April day I was there.

Being a bit of a fan of anything spicy (and flat breads) I decided to give the Roti – Chicken ($12.95) a try. The chicken was very flavourful and the curry sauce was wonderfuly savoury, but unfortunately the roti was a tad dry. I was offered some extra spicy sauce on the side, and although I only used a small amount, it added huge kick to the dish. My dinning partner gave the Jerk Chicken ($8.95) a try, and found it to be a real treat. The chicken was absolutely perfectly seasoned, wonderfully spicy, and very tender. The side of rice and vegtables went well with the dish.

The “salad” was basically a few veggies with a whole leaf of lettuce, which required the use of a knife and fork. However, it was a wonderfully refreshing treat when facing the sometimes overwhelming spiciness of the Carribean dishes.

I left with intentions of returning to Ellisons, to try the other dishes and for the great service!KW-Insider Points: 4/5

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