Cameron’s: Dim Sum more please


Cameron Chinese Seafood Restaurant
21-19 Cameron Street, Kitchener
Monday – Friday, 11:00am-10:00pm
Saturday – Sunday, 11:00am-10:00pm

Fried RiceOn the corner of King St E and Cameron Street in Kitchener, is a old set of conjoined houses where you can find some of the best Chinese food in KW. Although I didn’t get a chance to sample any of the seafood, dim sum at Cameron is an lovely way to wake your tastebuds up. If you show up later on a weekend morning, you’ll find yourself in a line at the entrance of one of the houses. As if standing in line while your stomach is growling isn’t bad enough, you’re sure to see several waiters pass by with trays and trays of wonderful looking dim sum.

Dim SumInstead of waiters bringing trays of food, you get a small paper menu on which you can order from a wide selection of dishes. This ensures that your order are made fresh, and come to  your table piping hot. Some menu items are as pedestrian as fried rice and springs rolls, to more exotic fare, such as spicy beef honeycomb tripe and chicken feet. I would highly suggest trying a bit of everything. I know as far as a restaurant review goes, it really isn’t that great to just say “Everything tasted so great!”, and although it did, I won’t say it, because I really care about my journalistic integrity. I will say that I couldn’t bring myself to eat the chicken feet, although I hear they are delicious.

KW-Insider Points: 4.5/5

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