My Weekend In Waterloo Park


Summer is the perfect time to explore Waterloo Park. Located near Uptown Waterloo as well as both Universities, the park is a lovely natural haven in the middle of the city. My main goals was to take a few nice pictures, but I spent most of the time looking at really cute animals. Here are a few I got when not so distracted.

Perimeter Institute

The Perimeter Institute is located sort of inside Waterloo Park. Here’s a picture of a physicist likely pondering the Polyakov path integral. Or maybe just some guy trying to decide what to have for lunch.

Erb's MillAbraham Erb’s Grist Mill was built by Waterloo’s first settler. This is a replica was built on silver lake in Waterloo Park so that people can take wedding pictures by it. Or maybe just takewalks around it wearing wedding gowns and suits.

One Response to “My Weekend In Waterloo Park”

  1. 1 waterlooinsider

    I like your pictures! The people add special interest to these often photographed buildings

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