The Tri-City’s Local Vibe


I feel that there is minimal quality web content for Waterloo Region. Here’s a perfect example: UrbanSpoon is a website that aggregates reviews from various newsources, blogs and users for restaurants sorted by city, a truly stellar resource for diners. Now you go to UrbanSpoon’s Ontario cities page, and you find North Bay, Ancaster, and freaking BRANTFORD with entries, but no Kitchener, no Waterloo, and no Cambridge. Now I could submit some of my reviews, but considering I haven’t blogged in over a month, it might be a lofty goal for me.

So I was thrilled beyond thrilled when I came across Local Vibe.

They describe themselves as “the freshest and most reliable source of local entertainment information in the Cambridge and Kitchener Waterloo area.”. This site seems to have a heavy focus on local musicians and local music events, and they’re doing a wicked job! Check out their “Local Musicians” page and you’ll learn that there are an insane number of musicians in or from Waterloo Region (and slightly beyond, as the site’s content seems to stretch from Stratford to Guelph.” Ok, not an insane number, but a much larger number than I would have guessed.

I’ve subscribed to their blog and hope they continue the great work they’re doing.


One Response to “The Tri-City’s Local Vibe”

  1. Thanks for the review, and I am really glad you like what we are doing here at Local Vibe. We do try to cover many of the events going on around our cities and also let people know about whatever we find that might be of interest to them. Admittedly, we do have a strong focus on live music as that is where we started, however we are trying to include many more options for people to enjoy a day or night out without leaving town to do so.

    We promise to keep expanding both the type of entertainment we promote, and our geographical coverage area as well. We are slowly moving into Brantford and London is coming soon. Pretty soon, Local Vibe is going to be the place to go for your entertainment information, no matter where Local is to you. See you soon!

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