Food and Restaurant Resources in KW


So Urbanspoon now has a page for Kitchener-Waterloo.

I’m quite excited about this. I was pleasantly surprised to see than a number of the ten best restaurants were place I’ve yet to visit, meaning new places for me to try. I was unpleasantly surprised to learn that two of them were The Keg and Mandarin.

In the meantime, here’s my roundup of good, bad and hilarious KW food/restaurant online resources. In no particular order.

The Record upholds it’s longstanding tradition of mediocrity with it’s Dinning Guide. I like to use it as a big list of restaurants in KW with really really unimaginative headlines (e.g. Hungry? Hit the buffet). Don’t expect the reviewer to express any negative opinions on any establishment.

For every good thing that The Record’s reviewers are saying about KW restaurants, UW’s Prof. Prabhakar Ragde has ten snarky remarks about how they suck. His guide to Restaurants in KW is full of amusingly disparaging remarks such as “just about every dish at both meals had something wrong with it” and “Chinese cuisine is rich in innovation and taste, but you won’t discover that here”. His review of most restaurants in the region conclude that you’re better off eating at home.

Echo Weekly does have a semi-competent dinning guide. Unfortunately archives are not available currently, so I would have to say it’s a pretty weak resource.

The newsgroups kw-eats has random tidbits of informations on places to eat. I think there’s a few too many random people ranting on it. Plus it’s a newsgroup, which I’m not that into .

So based on how lame my list is, KW needs a better food resources. Which somewhat motivates me to post more food-related words. Any links that should be here but aren’t?

2 Responses to “Food and Restaurant Resources in KW”

  1. Thanks for putting together that list!

    I recall seeing a couple other blogs that are dedicated to eating in KW. But this is the only one I can find in my bookmarks (which suggests that it should be the best of the bunch :P)

    And restaurantica helps too.

  2. Amazing! Thanks Gary!

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