My Mexican Vacation in Uptown


Margarita'sMargarita’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant
4 King Street North, Waterloo
(519) 573-4961

So a crazy little Mexican Restaurant opened last Friday where Hannah Bella’s Bistro used to be. Yay! A new real Mexican Restaurant in KW! If you’ve passed by in the weeks before it opened, you would have seen a sign telling you that the soon-to-be restaurant was like a Mexican vacation without the hassle of, you know, going to Mexico.

So the place was insanely packed. I never make reservations in KW when I eat out, but for some reason I generally expect prompt seating. Possibly a result of my opinion that KW is not a real city/cities. I was a bit irked that the host could not give even an estimate of how long we would be waiting.

The restaurant was bustling and a live Mariachi trio was playing. I was mostly into it, except i was impossible to chat with dinning companions, so we resorted to yelling at each other. It also was a bit annoying that a tone deaf patron who, in my professional blogging opinion, was drunk off her ass, kept “performing” with the band with her ear piercing vocals and air-guitar.

Our server was great. We got a melted cheese and mushroom appetizer, served with tortillas and tortilla chips. It was yummy. But I guess it’s hard to screw up melted cheese. Guacamole was so so creamy. I’ve had better tortillas, and much tortilla chips (in KW). Mains were served on cute little platters, the meats, rice and salad each in separate bowls on the platter. Mole chicken was pretty good. The meat was tasty and fresh and the sauce was nice and dark. The shrimp diablo was very tasty if you ignored the fact that it was far too spicy (even by Mexican standards, according to a Mexican dinning companion) and there was no warning of this on the menu. Although I guess if I were think critically, the word “Diablo” should have given me a hint, even with my limited Spanish comprehension. But who wants to think critically at a restaurant named after a cocktail drink. Or named after a person who was named after a cocktail drink.

Main dishes ranged from $15 to $22. I have no idea about there hours, none were posted.

KW-Insider Points: 3/5

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