GRFF is in town. Well it’s in Cambridge mostly.


I really don’t have any use for Cambridge. But I am seriously considering making the trip down to attend the Grand River Film Fest. I imagine it’s like TIFF but with fewer annoying celebrities. Also with less press coverage (unless your standards are so low that you’re willing to count The Record).

It looks like there will be some awesome films featured. I actually watched Depatures when I was here, and it is a hilarious dark comedy about a failed cellist, who finds a new career path. And GRFF has snagged the director as a guest speaker to do a Q&A with the audience. And since obviously everything is better in blog form, here is the I ❤ Grand River Film blog. I’m hoping this is the first and last time I use the heart shape thingy in this blog.

What: Grand River Film Fest
When: Oct 22-25 2009
Where: Various locations with Cambridge and a few places in Kitchener
What’ll it cost me: $7/screening or $35 to see all seven movies

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