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Tis the Season


The holiday season is starting, with its crowded malls, christmas decor and of course starting this Thursday the annual Christkindl Market. Yes it’s mostly for old German people and kids who have nothing better to do than be dragged to city hall on a frigid Saturday morning, but last year I checked it out and […]

Nikko Nikko Roll and Sushi 20 King Street East, Kitchener Monday- Saturday: 11:30 a.m. -10p.m The fact that I haven’t reviewed this place is insane. There are weeks when I eat at this place two or three times. I eat a lot of sushi. And when I eat sushi in KW, 99 out of 100 […]

Or movies. “The Antarctica Challenge: A Global Warning” is a documentary covering the recent scientific findings of the community stationed in Antarctica.  It has been invited by the United Nations to be screened at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, where it will be seen by world leaders. There is also a screening at the Princess […]

It is absolutely annoying that the Waterloo Public Square board now no longer posts events, instead posts a link to the events. So that now even if you’re at the Square, you need somehow access the internet before finding out what’s going on. How does this make any sense? Why not let passers-by know what’s […]