Waterloo Square and other oddities


It is absolutely annoying that the Waterloo Public Square board now no longer posts events, instead posts a link to the events. So that now even if you’re at the Square, you need somehow access the internet before finding out what’s going on.

How does this make any sense? Why not let passers-by know what’s going on, as they pass by, instead of letting them know about a link they will forget about within the next two seconds?! Anyways, if you do want to know things that are going on, here is the link.

I haven’t posted in a while because life has been crazy. Also, my internet situation at home has been non-existant due to the death of my first laptop. Also, I am moving to Uptown Waterloo in December (adding to the craziness). This is exciting as I will be within walking distance to many of the places I love in KW and I won’t have to deal with shady people living above me who own a large and noisy dog and insist on vacuuming at 11pm every night. I really hope to write about the crazy adventure that has been finding a place to live in KW. Hopefully I’ll find the time some point soon. In the meantime, the Wonders of Winter: A Festival of Lights, starts this Saturday in Waterloo Park. I don’t think I’ll go until there’s some snow, because it’s not the same without snow, but this is the one event that makes me feel like the snow, slush, shoveling, and slipping all over the ice are all worth it, because snow is pretty and magical.

One Response to “Waterloo Square and other oddities”

  1. Thanks for the comment on our event postings.
    I was off for most of November, so posting the website was the easiest way for people to stay on top of events in my absence. I am printing a big calendar to post on site and will work on being able to have the flyers available 24/7 again.

    Tracy Suerich
    Waterloo Public Square Program Coordinator

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