Nikko Nikko: Great Sushi in KW


Nikko Nikko Roll and Sushi
20 King Street East, Kitchener
Monday- Saturday: 11:30 a.m. -10p.m

The fact that I haven’t reviewed this place is insane. There are weeks when I eat at this place two or three times. I eat a lot of sushi. And when I eat sushi in KW, 99 out of 100 times, it’s at Nikko Nikko. This place has the best rolls in Waterloo Region by far and probably the best sushi/sashimi as well. Everything always tastes very fresh. Most rolls and sushi are served in really creative ways, the Caterpillar Roll, actually kind of looks like a caterpillar.

There are over a dozen rolls, so the variety is great, but not so overwhelming that I get depressed or always order the exact same thing. As an avid watcher of Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, I think that the size of a menu is a very important thing in a restaurant. When I get to a restaurant, I’ve already made a choice, to eat whatever type of cuisine that restaurant serves. Don’t try to have everyone’s favorite dish as well as try to have numerous items which appeal to those with all type of dietary restrictions. Nikko Nikko serves sushi, rolls, sashimi, and a few dishes that complement these things, as well as a couple of choices for non-sushi-eaters, and vegetarians/vegans.

This place also has a special place in my heart, since this is the place where my sweetheart learned to like sushi, a staple in my diet.

I do have two comments about this place. First of all the service is very spotty. Sometimes the server is on the ball, attentive and friendly. Other times, it they don’t know seem to know the difference between a chopstick and sashimi! Secondly, I really don’t understand why they never seat people by the window. I like sitting by the window and I think it’s generally good for business as it makes the restaurant look fuller and more lively to those outside. Since this place is on King Street in downtown Kitchener, I think looking lively and full is a good thing. There are not enough restaurants in downtown Kitchener that look lively and full. By not enough, I basically mean there are none. (Let me know if I’m mistaken.)

If anyone knows a comparable or better place for sushi in KW, let me know, I’d love to try it out. But for now this is my go-to place for sushi.

KW-Insider Points: 4/5

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12 Responses to “Nikko Nikko: Great Sushi in KW”

  1. Nope. Unless you value quantity over quality, Niko Niko is the best in town.

    Sushi Stars is worth a try, tho, especially if you’re with someone who insists on all-you-can-eat.

  2. *sigh* Not into the whole all-you-can-eat scene. Too much pressure to eat a lot. Get’s to be a bit overwhelming.

    • My problem is I have a hard time convincing friends and coworkers to try a place that *isn’t* all-you-can-eat. So I go for Sushi Stars, which is a bit of a step up from Ye’s, at least.

      Again, yeah, Niko Niko is the best in town.

  3. I am a big fan of Niko Niko personally – love the vibe, the food, the people watching (yes, i admit it openly), LOVE the spotty service – don’t ask me why… it’s just a quirky thing about that place and LOVE the orange for dessert. LOVE IT.

    Also agree on the all you can eat situation – it’s way too much pressure and I want to DIE after… because i inevitably eat all that i possibly can… even though i know it’s wrong.

    All you can eat is totally a guy thing. hahaa.

  4. omg can’t believe I forgot the orange! soooo good.

  5. 6 gordon

    looks yummy but do they do this kind of oyogu hone sushi?

  6. 9 Anna

    NIKO NIKO by far is the best sushi ever!!! I have been to Ye’s, sushi stars, and there is no comparision in service and quailty!! I am a loyal customer to NIKO NIKO and I recommend this to any sushi lovers!!!!

  7. I tried Niko Niko quite a while ago and thought it was ok, but we usually go to Ye’s which is pretty good. I order “all you can eat” and my wife has a Bento Box. Based on your review we will try Niko Niko again.

  8. 11 Jill

    Niko Niko is my fav too! ❤

    I also really like, Sushi Boat on Highland… it's small, but sometimes those are the best places right? When you start getting too big (like Ye's) the quality and freshness dissapears. I really like the unique rolls they have here that I have never seen anywhere else.

  9. 12 Lauren

    I love Niko Niko, my boyfriend and I have gone there every year for our anniversary as it’s where we had our first date. The older server always smiles and says hi when I’m there. But if you’re looking for similar quality, I found that Watami in Waterloo is really good as well. They also have a healthy sized menu, good quality, friendly staff, and great atmosphere. They also have Japanese sodas ( I had pineapple) and lots of sake to choose from. You should definitely give it a try, if you haven’t already.

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