Dollar Stores in KW


Where’s the best Dollar store (or discount store) in KW? I mean one of those crazy big ones, that has basically everything you could ever need?

I’ve been to a few in the area and the selection has been a bit sparse. Yes they have the cheap glassware, miscellaneous party supplies and skin care disgusting smelling skin care products. They don’t have an insane collection of wrapping paper, children’s toys, funky alarm clocks…

I miss my trips to the mega-dollar stores in Toronto. 😦

I miss my trips to the mega-dollar stores in Toronto. 😦

5 Responses to “Dollar Stores in KW”

  1. The one in the plaza at Albert and Hazel seems pretty decent. I mean, probably not “mega-dollar store in Toronto” huge, but it’s got some funky stuff. Better than the mall ones, at least.

  2. 2 KW Reader

    The Dollorama on Fairway Road is pretty big and has a decent selection. It’s in a plaza, located beside Food Basics. Nothing funky though, if I remember correctly, but good for basics.

  3. Aw thanks guys!

    I’m actually in Toronto tonight and stopped by my all time favorite dollar store. Ya, it sucks now. There stuff in there that costs NINE BUCKS!!! (The store is called “A Buck or Two”. Not cool. Apparently a dollar in Toronto doesn’t buy what it used to. I’ll check out your suggestions for sure.

  4. The first 2 suggestions are both Dollaramas, which is a chain and more or less carry the same stocks. There’s another Dollarama at University/Fischer-Hallman, next to the Food Basics if that’s more convenient to you.

    They used to sell everything for a dollar or less, but now there are $1.50 and $2 items there too.

    The dollar store at the Bridgeport plaza (Bridgeport/Weber) is not as good as the Dollaramas, but they do have some stuff that Dollarama doesn’t carry.

    By the way, what is (was) your all-time favourite dollar stores in Toronto?

    (And for a discount store, have you ever checked out Honest Ed’s in Koreantown in downtown Toronto?)

  5. 5 Blaqwynter

    I agree w/ KW Reader, Fairway Road happens to have the best ”Dollarama” store. It’s big, clean, and offers many everyday items! Forget the cheap, small, smelly, and over crowded dollar stores!! I never tried a ”mega dollar store in T.O.. Hmmmm.. 😉

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