Princess Cafe: Decent Coffee, Awesome Movie Posters


Princess Cafe
6 Princess St W, Waterloo

Monday- Sunday: 11a.m. -10:30p.m

Today is family day and a lot of places I like to go are closed. So I stopped by the Princess Cafe, located in the Princess Cinemas in Uptown Waterloo. I’ve stopped by this place for a coffee before a movie a few times, and the caffeinated drinks are pretty decent. Today I actually took the time to sit down and enjoy a small meal. I’ve never been tempted to eat here before a movie, simply because I imagined that a cafe within a movie theater wouldn’t have much culinary merit and its existence was mostly founded on the fact that people who spend two or more hours sitting in a seat staring at a movie screen might want a coffee or a snack before or after the main event of film viewing.

The vibe and decor are basically what you want from a coffee shop, there’s a movie theme (for obvious reasons) with some really great posters and a section with great cartoons about the Princess Cinemas. Any coffee shop lacking a selection of “comfy seats” (consisting of couches, loveseats and a coffee table) is always a bit disappointing. The menu is decent, consisting of light fare like soups, salads and paninis. The service is peasant and reasonably quick. I had the borscht, which was blended, creamy and surprising delicious. My only small complaint was the overuse of black pepper. But honestly borscht this good is a rare find. I also had a side of caprese salad, which was very fresh and tasty.

I’ll definitely visit again. I almost wish The Princess would start offering the option to eat dinner which watching the movie in the theater. I realize this would create somewhat of a logistical issue, with plates, cutlery and lighting in the theater but it’s been done very well in other places. All Princess Cinema members get 10% off orders at the Princess Cafe, and they offer $1 off your movie ticket with the purchase of a beer/wine.

KW-Insider Points: 4/5

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One Response to “Princess Cafe: Decent Coffee, Awesome Movie Posters”

  1. After reading your blog it make me want to go there may be on this weekend.

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