My first time at KWS


So I went to the symphony yesterday for the Bon Appetit! concert. It was a concert of food related music as well as some samples of food to accompany the music. Ushers/Servers would bring in food items on trays and they would pass them around the audience. It was an auditory distraction, with the clinking of spoons and the sound of people walking around and the anticipation of getting the food itself initially totally took away from the pure immersion in the sound. But it was fabulous. I think more organizations need to try new things, especially if they think it will be fun and interesting for the audience, which it totally was. Not only was the concept and the experience interesting, they also played interesting compositions, such as a Cole Porter song arranged by the conductor, and a symphonic arrangement of Incense and Peppermints (by Strawberry Alarm Clock) with a guest mezzo, which was so fabulous that you need to go see the second (and last) show tonight. Most of the music was fairly contemporary, which meant most people in the audience have probably never heard any of the work before (at least that particular arragement of the work) which made the evening exciting and a a new experience for the audience.

I’m not a music critic, but the players were in amazing shape, and KW is really lucky to have an orchestra of this calibre. Frist of all more people need to take advantage of the fact that you can drive 15 minutes down to the Centre in the Square of the Conrad Center and enjoy a fantastic concert.

Lastly, conductor Edwin Outwater did a fabulous job. I know nothing about orchestral conducting, but he was charismatic, and handled the technical difficulties (yes, there’s an audio-visual component to the show) of the evening well. I loved that he picked up the mic for the last few bars of the last piece and sang harmony with the guest mezzo-soprano Megan Latham. There are many conductors with great singing voices, and most of the time only the performers get a chance to hear it, but this time the audience got a chance to hear him sing, which made me feel like he was really interacting with the audience in a way that most conductors don’t get a chance to (since most of the time they have their back to the audience).

Overall a great night. One thing I noted was that due to the food element of the concert last night, the audience was allowed to bring drinks into the theater. I honestly think they should extend this rule to other concerts. More on this later.

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  1. 1 Ren

    Hey! I quite agree, it was a great show.

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