Why you should go to the opera


You know how annoying people from Toronto will say things like “How can you live in such an boring place like Kitchener?” or “What’s there to do for fun in Waterloo besides tipping cows?” or “Kitchener sucks, except for Oktoberfest”.

I usually respond by asking the annoying person what Toronto has that Kitchener/Waterloo doesn’t. They generally respond with some vague statement about some sort of cultural event.Then I ask them when they last bothered to attend any cultural event, and they say something vague about parking being too expensive and the DVP having too many cars on it.

Well, I’m sure most of you are aware, that KW is bursting with arts and culture. In fact, Opera Kitchener, is presenting the last show of the season this Sunday. It will feature gorgeous singing, and a full orchestra. So next time you meet an annoying Torontonian, you can let them know that not only does KW have a rich cultural scene, you actually participate in it! This is basically the last time you can go to the opera this year, without fighting 401 traffic, paying $15/hour for parking and paying hundreds for a ticket which allows you to sit about a kilometer away from the stage.

by Giacomo Puccini

Sunday March 14th , 2010 – 3:00pm
Humanities Theater @ UWaterloo
Tickets are $25-$40

One Response to “Why you should go to the opera”

  1. 1 Ray Von

    I’m baffled by this attitude that some Toronto people have. Don’t they realize how utterly boring their own city is compared to cities of similar size around the world? ‘New York on dial-up’, ‘New York run by the Swiss’ etc. etc.

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