Prime Real Estate Available in Belmont Village


The old Vincenzo’s building is available for lease. Someone please lease this building and turn it into something awesome. Vincenzo’s is still alive and well at their new location at the Bauer lofts.

3 Responses to “Prime Real Estate Available in Belmont Village”

  1. 1 K-W Reader

    I agree!
    I was thinking about the same thing with the former Tim Horton’s location on King, beside Ratz Bechtel. Someone should just open a coffee shop and take advantage of everybody’s association of the building with a good brand like Timmy’s. Same for the former Vincenzo’s: open a comparable store (David’s Gourmet?) and reap the benefits of the positive associations.

  2. Belmont Village is one of my favorite area’s in town. I go there for yoga. I actually liked the old Vincenzo’s better ’cause I knew where everything was.
    It’s a good location with lots of parking and its on the way home for many people, myself included, which is important. I’m sure some smart business person will figure this out.

  1. 1 Vincenzo kitchener | Bestsellerster

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