Another Transportation Option in KW


After leaving university, I’ve found that Kitchener-Waterloio is not really a great place to try to live without a car. I carefully chose an apartment on a number of convenient bus routes, and even made sure I could get to the office within one bus ride, but often I found myself waiting half an hour to transfer to another bus, and then walking another 20 minutes once I get off the bus. The Grad River CarShare provides a great option for those who live near one of their vehicles, but the nearest car to my place didn’t make it a great option for me.

But it looks like a new option has come to town. Bixi is a public bike-sharing system, where users can swipe a credit card and rent a bike. They can return the bike to any Bixi station, and their credit card will be charged based on the time the bike was rented. The RIM campus in Waterloo now has 8 Bixi stations. This could be the start of something big. Providing continent, affordable, sustainable transportation options in KW will inevitably mean great things for our cities. I’m super super excited, and hope as many people as possible will take the new system for a spin. (Especially all those RIM employees that I know are driving to the University Plaza for lunch on a daily basis! You know who you are.)

Read more about the new Bixi bicycle stations here.

One Response to “Another Transportation Option in KW”

  1. 1 Pylin

    I love your blog. I would never know any of these things myself! I now appreciate Waterloo (especially the folks here) even more 🙂

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