They’ll pave The Tannery and put up a parking lot


The Tannery District is a development in downtown Kitchener turning the old Lang Tannery into a usable space for businesses which is currently in progress. Due to a slew of new tenants, developers Candan Inc. have been given approval by the city to knock down some of the buildings which used to be part of the Lang Tannery in order to build a temporary parking lot for these new tenants.

Many people in the community have been vocally opposing this demolition, and will be appealing the city tonight at the City Council meeting tonight at 7pm. These obviously intelligent and passionate people make some very valid points. But before you decide on a stance on this issue, think about the big picture and on what is best for our community overall. Joni Mitchell’s lyrics lamet the lush Hawaiian landscape being torn down to build a parking lot for a hotel. In this case we’re tearing down a couple of small decrepid buildings that would have likely been demolished if it weren’t for the revitalization project adjacent to turn them into a parking for the aforementioned revitalization project. To me this kind of sounds like a good deal.

I don’t support tearing down those historic buildings, but I do support the multitude of old industrial buildings in and around downtown Kitchener being utilized as much as possible. And the sooner the better. I think the goal of turning as many of these spaces into vibrant spaces for living learning and working is much more important than a few small structures that some claim to be of historical significance.  Cadan Inc has shown a tremendous effort towards this goal, and I really hope more developers will to the same in the future.

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