Yukiko’s Cafe Bistro


I really wanted to like Yukiko’s. They have a nicely laid out patio, and the interior is very quaint. It’s in a great location in Uptown Waterloo, but it’s out-of-the-way enough that you feel like it’s a special spot, and you’re away from the noise of King Street.

But, I really can’t tolerate bad service in a restaurant on a night when there are fewer than five patrons per server. Actually, bad service is being a bit generous. We were basically ignored the majority of the time we were there.

The two servers, often seemed to disappear into the kitchen,and when they were in the front of the house, they spent much of the time in the bar, from which you can’t see about two-thirds of the restaurant. The ladies dinning next to us had difficulty paying their bill, as the server took a ridiculously long time to get the bill. It really frustrates me when businesses make it difficult for you to pay. The fact that the two servers didn’t serve tables which were physically located near each other was also disastrous. At times they were both out on the patio, and it seemed that most of the tables near ours weren’t served by the same server,

My dinning partner had the Polenta Lasagna, which was an interesting dish, but drowned in sauce. I had the meatloaf, which was great, as meatloaf generally is. It came with a spectacular chutney, which really brought something special to the dish. The mashed potatoes were really a train wreck. Both watery and lump, it really was disappointing.

I won’t likely give Yukiko’s another chance, because I really don’t want to have another similar experience. Hopefully they start taking customer service a bit more seriously.

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2 Responses to “Yukiko’s Cafe Bistro”

  1. 1 b.p.

    You’re not alone – a friend of mine visited last Saturday for lunch, who was a huge fan of Yukiko’s Cafe Bistro (before it became Hometown Eatery), and her comment about service was along the same line as yours, which is somewhat disappointing.

  2. 2 Tales

    Similar experience. The restaurant has really changed from its previous standing. I wont get into the details of the dinner, but I’ll leave you with two bits: raw chicken and no service.

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