Places to sell stuff you no longer care about


My parents are moving in the near future, and I was told that my stuff can no longer live with them. After hours and hours of digging through all the stuff  I’ve accumulated over 25 years of life, I came up with a massive pile of stuff that I no longer wanted or needed.

So I collected some of my treasures from the past and decided I would try to sell off some of them. It seems there are some pretty good outlets in town for off-loading your stuff. These are also equally good outlets for acquiring other people’s junk.

Clothing/Accessories: Twice is Nice is a consignment shop in The Atrium in Uptown Waterloo. They only pay you once the item has sold, and they give you 40% of the purchase price. They’re pretty picky about what they take and when they take it, so make sure you have an appointment or you’re coming in on a day they appraise items, and make sure your stuff is in very good shape and is in style. The good thing about this is they their racks are full of good clothing buys!

Books: Old Goat Books is located in a very cute house in Uptown Waterloo. They carry lots of good titles and I love how they stuff books in every nook and cranny. A great place for bookworms to kill and hour or three, and you probably won’t leave empty-handed.

CDs/DVDs/Games: The Beat Goes On is a used CD/DVD/Games store, with locations in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge. Make sure your stuff is in good shape before bringing it in.

What other places do you know off for getting rid of junk?

3 Responses to “Places to sell stuff you no longer care about”

  1. 1 Craig

    There are many places to pass on unwanted items…

    A quick google brings up the many second hand shops around town
    – Talize‎
    – Value Village‎
    – Mennonite Central Commitee Ontario Thrift Shops
    – Buy ‘N’ Sell‎
    – Twice is Nice Twice the Man Clothing & Selectables‎
    – St Vincent De Paul Value Centre‎
    – Casablanca Bookshop‎
    – Out Of The Past‎
    – Second Hand World‎
    – Goodwill Retail Store & Donation Centre‎
    – In Orbit Thrift Boutique‎
    – Rockway Thrift Shop
    – Bits & Pieces Furniture & Decor
    – Carousel Clothing‎
    – Hand Me Downs‎
    – Worth A Second Look
    – The Children’s Market Place
    – May Court Nearly New Shop
    – Busters Buy & Sell‎
    – Bibles For Missions Thrift Store
    – RareFunk‎
    – 2nd Time Around Re-Sale Childrens Store
    – Tisha’s The Ultimate Designer Consignment Shop
    – Fabulous Finds Boutique
    – Patina Vintage Confignments
    – Salvation Army Thrift Store‎

    And other interesting places not to be forgotten about
    – Recycle Cycles on Queen St in Kitchener
    – (you post it, and people who want it and are usually willing to pick it up let you know, different groups for Kitchener and Waterloo)
    – local church/community yard sales (don’t want to have your own, often local churches or community groups will hold one)
    – your curb (put it out not on a garbage day… and things go)
    – facebook (seriously… post a note with the list of things you have to give away, perhaps one of your friends wants it or knows someone who does)

  2. Cool thanks! Just moving to the area and I love thrift shops. Must bookmark this one. Looking forward to following your blog.

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