Kismet: The Service is as Bad as the Food is Good


Kismet Restaurant
160 University Ave W. Waterloo
Monday to Saturday: 11:30 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.

To most, Kismet means fate or destiny. To me Kismet is like an abusive relationship with really really really good food.

The staff hate all customers. Don’t expect a smile. Don’t ask questions about the menu items. And for goodness sake, don’t stand at the counter and stare at the menu. But the naan, oh the naan. A bit of crisp on the outer edges, and piping hot chewy bread inside. The smell of the clarified butter alone will keep you coming back.

Amazing curries. Awesome tandoori!  I’m drooling just thinking about it. Chicken Korma, is one of my favourites, a creamy smooth dish with large chunks of chicken.

It’s important to note that this restaurant serves food from Bangladesh NOT India. Note the huge map of Bangladesh serving as decor.

Tip: The guy behind the counter, especially hates iPhones. I’m not kidding. I think RIM employeed may be exempt from the list of all hated people, RIM employeed please confirm.
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6 Responses to “Kismet: The Service is as Bad as the Food is Good”

  1. 1 Bawa

    I agree his naan is delicious but man I hate that guy. One day, I swear I will exact vengeance on him and his tight tshirts. I hope you are reading this mofo.

    Sorry, I got a little worked up.

  2. 2 b.p.

    i haven’t been in awhile so I’m not sure who you’re referring to, but the younger guy used to offer recommendations, seemingly friendly…and he did like RIM

  3. 3 angela

    abu is the guy behind the counter. he’s nice if he recognizes you (but then, i work at rim). the rest of the staff universally hate everyone. they used to own koh i nor further down phillip and hated everyone even worse, if you can imagine. all those people spilling rice on the tablecloths. we actually got thrown out once on a busy friday noon hour for lingering too long over the cheque.

    but the food is sooooo good.

  4. 4 Bob Roberts

    Why the hell would I spend my money at a place where I’m hated? I don’t care how good the food is.

  5. 5 TC

    what the hell are you losers smoking? I don’t work at RIM or go there often the food is “fast” style indian food, its quality is what is to be expected for what it is and that is consistently average to above average. There is no such thing as “excellent” fast food except to fat morons with burnt out taste buds.

    The two guys that man the counter, the old guy and the young guy are always polite to me or anyone else I’m with or that I observe at the counter. There’s some axe grinding going on here.

  6. 6 dirk pitt

    LOVE LOVE LOVE KISMET! FRESH QUALITY AND PRICE, ALL GREAT! Try striking up a reasonably intelligent conversation and Abu will definitely converse with you! The abuse goes both ways when you work in this industry! I was a waitress and the customer wasn’t always right, mostly rude and condescending!

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