An update on my life


Most people who read this don’t know me personally (I actually don’t know who most of you are), but I like to believe that in some small way you still care. I’m alive, but questioning the point of blogging, as life seems an inordinate amount of stressful, annoying and in a few ways fantastically exciting.

The long weekend was really a great four days, if only for the fact that I didn’t have to go to work. Due to the emptiness of my fridge (due to being away for work) and my inability and unwillingness to fill said fridge, I had a fantastic four days of eating at my favourite places in town. Here’s how it went down:

Saturday: After eating chips and water for breakfast and lunch, felt that I should probably have a more decent dinner. Decided to try Taco Bite another try. Our first dinner there was pretty disappointing, but I heard new owners had shaken things up a bit. Nachos were good, tacos were great. This is coming from someone who just spent her vacation roaming the various taco stands of Mexico city. Juicy meat, and the sweet tanginess of pineapples. Mmm!

Sunday: Brunch as usual at 1842. The same fantastic food, and drinks. Berlin breakfast, how I love thee.  Although I am displeased at the varying amount of sausage that I get with this dish. I guess the long weekend and terrible weather kept the crowd at a minimum, so it was a pleasant way to spend the morning. Spent some time at Matter of Taste laptoping my afternoon away. Dinner was take-out from Ben Thanh. The green curry makes me shiver joy.

Monday: A failed attempt to get to Camron’s lead to trying the new Burrito Boys. Good stuff: filling cheap and not too unhealthy. I’m sure the university crowd will eat it up. Dinner was the most favoured/hated restaurant of the university days, Kismet. The naan was a bit burnt, but the beef and mushroom curry was awesome. Service was still bad. Must get a job at RIM. Ice cream from The Grill put out the fire on my tongue. You know a waffle cone is fresh when it’s made right before your eyes.

So good.

But why is summer over? 😦

One Response to “An update on my life”

  1. Hey! Don’t stop blogging. Just do it on your own terms i.e. when you want and when you have something to say. Don’t let external expectations or perceptions of external expectations get in the way. Stick to what excites you about it and run with that focus.

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