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Friday links: Because you need something to do while counting down the minutes until the WEEKEND is here.

A new demolition of a old building for heritage lovers to protest: Now that the debate on the demolition of the two tiny run down buildings which were a part of the Tannery District has died down, a new debate can start on the demolition of Barra Castle! Keep Kitchener weird!

Free love letters for in return for paying it forward: A project by a local student/blogger as part of an “art + community = love” project. You email her some info and she sends you a love letter in which she whispers a secret wish that she has for you and your life, and if the secret comes true (somehow she promises you’ll know when it does even though no one tells you), you have to find some way of paying forward the favour to someone else. So random and weird and cute.

For people who are into forums: Seriously cannot believe that I didn’t know about this site until recently. Where have I been? Well the website is called: Wonderful Waterloo. Kind of says it all. I hear they will start featuring some fantastic columns by amazing local writers. (Hint: You are currently reading the work of one of the new columnists.)


3 Responses to “Around the Web”

  1. For the record,the fuss about the Tannery was about four buildings (not two) AND all the great space in between them. Did they need some loving? Sure but so did the main complex. For me it wasn’t just about saving old buildings. It was about creating a true place for people with funky/artsy clients–a place for living and for showing off to visitors.

    Losing the Barra Castle is a real shame but you won’t find any protests coming. It’s amazing that it’s still standing after it was condemned for habitation in 2007. By now, it’s not a surprise that not even the facade can be saved.

    Not so weird I think.

    And glad to hear you’re in the fold with Wonderful Waterloo. I too expect to start contributing some of my perspectives.

  2. Yeah, see here’s the issue – it’s not that Barra is coming down, because let’s be honest, we all knew THAT was coming, but the fact that they are completely going to abuse the land and rebuild something … less than wonderful… and call is Barra Castle.. ugh. gross.
    More rants to come on this after the Council meeting on Monday Sept 20.

  3. Aww! Thanks for the sweet shout-out about my letter writing project. Random and weird and cute is a great thing in my books! 😛 You should send me an e-mail so I can write you a letter too!

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