Addicted to Rainbow Caribbean


Rainbow Caribbean Cuisine
29 King St E., Kitchener

I’ve been working in downtown Kitchener for a few weeks now, and despite my pledge to try new places and discover more about KW, when lunch time rolls around, I really can’t resist a trip to Rainbow Caribbean. I used to go for the meaty curry, the delightful fried plantain, and the “eclectic” decor. But recently the place has gotten a sleek makeover. Gone is the old posters of Tyson and Obama, they’ve been replaced with a cool neutral finish on the walls. The oddly out-of-place mural of a plump granny pulling bagels out of an oven, has been replaced by large lcd screens playing the latest about The Bieber twitter feed.

You’ll find guys in construction helmets,  little girls being in led in by their mother, and men in suits, trying not to spill soup on their ties. Oh yes the soups. My latest addiction. Monday is beef soup. Tuesday is pigeon pea soup. Wednesday is red bean soup. Thursday is Pepper Pot. Fridays, ok Fridays I go to Nikko Nikko, but seriously I can recite the soup of the day for four out of five days, be impressed. Yes, I am addicted. Rich. Thick. Huge chunks of meat and vegetables. Drooling yet? The soups also contain these dumplings, which are just round mounds of dough cooked in the broth.

Random fact about me: I used to hate soup. I honestly used to think it was a horribly inferior food which consisted mostly of water. I then met someone who convinced me that convinced me that the hearty, warm, delicious, economical and thirst quenching properties of soup is where it’s at. Now I write posts like this.

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One Response to “Addicted to Rainbow Caribbean”

  1. I haven’t tried the carribean place, but Nikko Nikko is pretty good!

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