Free Symphony Tix!


So the KW-Symphony has a fairly awesome program coming up, called….


Yes, with TWO exclamation points. Daniel Handler (a.k.a Lemony Snicket) is narrating H.K. Gruber’s Frankenstein!!. From what I know, it’s going to be very weird, but in a good way. And KWS is giving away two pairs of tickets.

All you need to do is create a composite graphic using at least one line of text from HK Gruber’s Frankenstein!! and any corresponding image, like the one you see here. The winner will be decided based on the cleverness of the combination. “Slightly and Inexplicably Disturbing” is encouraged.

Bonus points for using my favourite passage:
batman and robin
still lie in their bed
robin’s a nice boy
but batman’s ill-bred.
batman ta-ta
and robin too-too
coffee is on,
and it’s breakfast for two.

Always knew there was something more than a work relationship between those two.

The fine print:
All entries will be displayed on Lyrics can be found here, with password: 123. Yes, high-tech I know. The winning two will be included on the Conrad Centre for the Performing Arts digital screens for the week leading up to the show, in addition to the tickets. Upload the image wherever (e.g. facebook, tweetpics etc.) and post the link in the comments. 

Deadline: Friday, April 29, 2011

Bonus points are not guaranteed.

4 Responses to “Free Symphony Tix!”

  1. I saw this over at RQ Magazine and I’ve got two submissions with no idea who/where to send them! Help me out?

  2. Hi David,

    Either upload it on facebook, twitpics or somewhere else and post a link here.

    Or email em to me at:

    Can’t wait to see your entries

  3. This made me lol :p ( the photo )

  1. 1 Daejin Media » Frankenstein!!

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