Many people live in an exciting city where everyday is an urban adventure, others reside in a lovely little hamlet, where everyone knows the local baker by name. A few people find themselves at home in an isolated farming community, surrounded by quiet solitude. Of course there are probably numerous places too exotic for my mind to imagine living, where people are living interesting lives, shared with fascinating people, in breathtaking settings.

I’m not one of these people.

And the place that I currently call home is Kitchener, Ontario.

Let’s preface this all by an abbreviated version of my life’s story. I grew up in Toronto, a city I loved for it’s multiculturalism, food and the multitude of neighbourhoods, each with it’s own personality. When my family moved to what many friends call “farm country” (among less polite names) I grew to enjoy the quietness of a home surrounded by natural beauty of Ontario’s Oak Ridges Moraine.

I then decided to attend university in Waterloo, Ontario, where I basically decided that Waterloo was a tolerable town, with a few redeeming qualities (such as Waterloo Park, a few cute shops and restaurants in Uptown Waterloo, its proximity to the St. Jacob’s Market) but that Kitchener, Ontario was a poverty stricken pit, surrounded on three sides by faceless suburbs, populated by fundamentalist Christians. Where and how these opinions were forms, it’s hard to say, but my guess is that it’s mostly related to my adventures on the GRT.

But I recently graduated from university, and set out into the working world. Even more recently, I landed a job in Kitchener. Which brings me to now. I’m 2X year’s old, and living alone in Kitchener. An intolerable situation, if you were to ask most people my age, who grew up in big city.

But I’m an optimist. And this blog will outline some of the great things about this city. I’m determined to find good places to eat, fun places to hang out, and interesting things to do in Kitchener (and to a lesser extent Waterloo). Hopefully my previous notions of Kitchener will be completely wrong, or else, I’m screwed.

One Response to “About”

  1. Ummm you’re hilarious.

    I grew up in Toronto too, and moved to Waterloo for Skool (of course). However, I actually like the city and the town. I haven’t been to Kitch too much, but I think Waterloo is the bomb. Then again, I’m not a social butterfly or party-hard girl. My Torontonian friends think I’ve gone off the deep end and call the Loo “Hick Town Major”. What can I say though. Anne of Green Gables was my favourite book growing up. It probably still is.

    I’m still studying at UW, but somehow got distracted along the way by the blogosphere… 🙂 And tonight I’m all about finding out local KW bloggers! woot!


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