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OK, so apparently I’m behind on all the newest and latest and greatest and coolest social media stuffs. But a while ago I did get tumblr. My tumblr OMGCEOs exhibits photographs of CEOs describing the size/shape/width/roundness/flatness etc. of their penis. Basically it’s hilarious and fun. Also my first entry was a KW former CEO that […]

Ok lovely folks. Contest time. Just for Laughs is coming to the Center in the Square on Nov 6. If you like to laugh you should go. Now Capital One is sponsoring this tour and giving one of you lucky people a chance to win an awesome prize pack. It includes a bunch of Just […]

reThink Waterloo 2012 offers an engaging full-day environmental conference that will inspire and explore new business opportunities for corporate leaders in the Region of Waterloo and surrounding area. This conference aims to highlight the knowledge and experience of leading professionals who haveembedded sustainability into their organization or have helped other businesses to improve theirfootprint. Through the experiences […]

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Friday links: Because you need something to do while counting down the minutes until the WEEKEND is here. A new demolition of a old building for heritage lovers to protest: Now that the debate on the demolition of the two tiny run down buildings which were a part of the Tannery District has died down, […]

Most people who read this don’t know me personally (I actually don’t know who most of you are), but I like to believe that in some small way you still care. I’m alive, but questioning the point of blogging, as life seems an inordinate amount of stressful, annoying and in a few ways fantastically exciting. […]