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So I’m so new to this whole facebook/twitter/apps/internet business. I’m sure it’s not considered “cool” to post your twitter feed on a blog post. I’m probably supposed to sync it somehow with my cellular mobile telephone. Too bad my cell phone still has snake and doesn’t do twitter.

I decided to post up to 140 chars on movies I watch. Not really local (although the first review is based on a film seen at the Princess Twin) but hopefully still fun and interesting.!/hatesfilms

I’m actually really happy that the holiday season is over. A fresh start is so helpful sometimes.

And one new thing that I’ve done and I hope you all enjoy is my new blog! I’ve profiled a number of peacemakers in Waterloo Region. These are organizations that are doing great things, helping people, and building a better community.

Hope you enjoy it! (It’s still somewhat of a work in progress, so please let me know if you have any feedback.)

Just saw this going south on King. Amusing.

Opera Kitchener performing La bohème at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga this Friday at 7:30pm. Guaranteed to be fantastic show, since I’m in it, as Townsfolk #3. Seats are about 80% sold out, so don’t drive to Missusaga without first purchasing a ticket online.

So I quit my job (Friday was my last day) and I could not be more excited!

I’ll be filling my days with this, that and other things. Like revisiting daily runs/jogs. I love living by Waterloo Park, and I’ve discovered it’s a fantastic place to go running. There’s always interesting people watching (I am still shocked by the number of parents who take their kids to see the Festival of Lights during the day) and scenery.

Things I love about Waterloo Park:

  • Wonders of Winter: Festival of Lights: The place that brings out my holiday spirit on an annual basis.
  • The zoo: I once spent about an hour feed leaves to a young goat. I will admit that this was the first time in my life I felt a real connection with an animal.
  • The Gazebo: I don’t think there is an evening when the weather is nice out when there isn’t a couple isn’t sitting on the bench holding or making out.
  • The Grist Mill: More stuff should be happening at this replica of an historic building. You can book the place for up to two hours. The perfect amount of time for a concert, or art show.

Rainbow Caribbean Cuisine
29 King St E., Kitchener

I’ve been working in downtown Kitchener for a few weeks now, and despite my pledge to try new places and discover more about KW, when lunch time rolls around, I really can’t resist a trip to Rainbow Caribbean. I used to go for the meaty curry, the delightful fried plantain, and the “eclectic” decor. But recently the place has gotten a sleek makeover. Gone is the old posters of Tyson and Obama, they’ve been replaced with a cool neutral finish on the walls. The oddly out-of-place mural of a plump granny pulling bagels out of an oven, has been replaced by large lcd screens playing the latest about The Bieber twitter feed.

You’ll find guys in construction helmets,  little girls being in led in by their mother, and men in suits, trying not to spill soup on their ties. Oh yes the soups. My latest addiction. Monday is beef soup. Tuesday is pigeon pea soup. Wednesday is red bean soup. Thursday is Pepper Pot. Fridays, ok Fridays I go to Nikko Nikko, but seriously I can recite the soup of the day for four out of five days, be impressed. Yes, I am addicted. Rich. Thick. Huge chunks of meat and vegetables. Drooling yet? The soups also contain these dumplings, which are just round mounds of dough cooked in the broth.

Random fact about me: I used to hate soup. I honestly used to think it was a horribly inferior food which consisted mostly of water. I then met someone who convinced me that convinced me that the hearty, warm, delicious, economical and thirst quenching properties of soup is where it’s at. Now I write posts like this.

Rainbow Caribbean Cuisine on Urbanspoon

Rude Native Bistro & Lounge
King and Erb in Uptown Waterloo

So I heard Rude Native has an insane happy hour deal $4 for all appetizers and drinks, everyday 4pm-6pm and 10pm-2am.

Three of us went, and got samosas, mussels,  garlic buds and brie, some drinks and some dessert. The food was good. I honestly pigged out on the mussels. The garlic and brie was fantastic, rich and flavorful and yet simple. Samosas were decent, I was happy for once I broke my rule of “no ethic food at a not-so-ethnic restaurant.” $13 is the regular price, so people get it while it’s cheap and tasty!

Why are more people not there?

Rude Native Bistro & Lounge on Urbanspoon