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So I went to the symphony yesterday for the Bon Appetit! concert. It was a concert of food related music as well as some samples of food to accompany the music. Ushers/Servers would bring in food items on trays and they would pass them around the audience. It was an auditory distraction, with the clinking […]

The Atrium (the small-ish plaza on Erb across from Waterloo Town Square) is one of the best places in Waterloo. Great store selling weird and wonderful things, and great cafe, basically an awesome shopping experience. I stopped by Gellatly Music, which sells classical, jazz, new age and other non-mainstream music CDs. I decided to give […]

Awesome Music Festival to check out this Saturday if you’re in town, bored, like live music, or want to support the Eating Disorder Awareness Coalition of Waterloo Region or any combination of the above! The Alder Fork Festival In support of: Eating Disorder Awareness Coalition of Waterloo Region Saturday September 12, 2009 Featuring the music […]

Hopefully this weekend will see some sunshine. But in case it doesn’t here are some fabulous things going on indoors in Waterloo region! The Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber Music Society has been bringing wonderful chamber groups to their charming little “Music Room” in Waterloo, an intimate and lovely little home which is often filled with great music. […]

It’s been brought to my attention that Valentines day falls on a Saturday this year. Gentlemen, this means you have an ENTIRE DAY to impressĀ  your special someone. Here are some suggestions on how to impress your Valentine tomorrow: FOOD A romantic dinner is one of the first things that come to mind when I […]